New gems about WordPress 2.7

I’m so impressed by this version of WordPress that I hardly know what more can be done to top it. I don’t understand any of the code and while I’m certain there are a list of bugs waiting to be corrected, I’m happy with the product from the consumer’s point of view (especially for a blog that does not have a large readership). WordPress has a fantastic and large community of users who gladly contribute plugins and one of those plugins that currently serves me very well is the Broken Link Checker plugin. It scours your posts and pages for links that do not lead to working pages anymore i.e. give 404 errors.broken-links
As you can see in the picture, it displays exactly what link is broken and gives you the option to fix it right there.

It is on my must-have list of plugins for any blog I start. With that said, information overload has a high potential of occurring with this plugin on sites that have lots of posts. For instance, my sister blog on Fading Whispers: The Chronicles has a lot of pages with scores of links. My Broken Link checker plugin tells me I have over 80 broken links on 83-broken-linksseveral pages. That’s a lot to fix and I’m slowly getting to those links. Nevertheless, it’s a case of stuff that needs to be taken care of versus being ignored & potentially misdirecting users.

Another plugin that’s pretty nifty is the Cforms contact plugin. My contact page is the barebones version, but I intend on learning to tweak this plugin’s settings in order to harmonize things on this site. Stay tuned!