Lightning does strike twice and more contests

Wow. Remember that Camtasia contest that I won? Well, there was another winner to that contest (Mr. Evan Brammer) and now, he’s won the granddaddy of contests: BostonPocketPC’s HP magic giveaway!!! What a lucky man! He’s also putting to very good use and he might have even won the same contest over at Liz-Henry’s blog because he’s just lucky like that! Here’s to channeling some of Mr. Brammer’s luck and wishing for a nice gift too!

All jokes aside, this post is just to talk about the HP magic giveaway again. This time, I’m entering Techie Diva’s contest which just kicked off. I’d written an official declaration of what I’d like to do with this giveaway on my personal blog. To recap from my previous post, the printer, photo pack & KungFu panda dvds will go to the Athens Area Homeless shelter in Athens, GA. I am still donating the Touchsmart PC to the University of Georgia Center for Teaching & Learning to help with their core mission. The Corel VideoStudio X2, Windows Live and the dv4 laptop will go to the College of Veterinary Medicine (where I serve as the laboratory coordinator for the Anatomy laboratory) to help edit short videos to help students with learning anatomy. The HDX and MediaSmart Connect will remain with me (my husband will inherit my current dv9700t laptop) and I’ll be able to use the HDX to help me at my job & my online pursuits/business. The HP mini 1000 + Office licenses will go to my sister-in-law for use in her classroom & ease her workload. A cousin of mine posted on Facebook about how God gives you what you need & not what you want. I want these items for the purposes I’ve listed above. However, if I’m being brutally honest, I wish those items will go to those in the most need. In fact, I didn’t enter a few giveaway contests because I didn’t feel like contributing something that wasn’t inspired. So, with that, I’m signing out. Cheers and don’t forget to check back at Jane Talks Tech for more videos, rants & how-tos.