Don’t upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 (yet)

I installed Ubuntu 13.10 on my HP dv7 3080us laptop. This laptop’s a few years old but it’s (still) a beast. Ever since I installed this version of Ubuntu, I’ve run into problem after problem. For the first time in a long while, I’ve come to regret upgrading to a new Ubuntu version. The main problems I’ve run into:

  1. Suspending my laptop causes it to crash [this almost never happened with 13.04]
  2. Sometimes, locking my laptop causes it to crash
  3. Crashes more frequently on cpu-intensive tasks like compiling than 13.04 did

As a developer, this is pretty freaking inconvenient. I’m not sure how this release got out of the gate but I sure hope that Canonical knows that no matter how pretty they make Ubuntu, it will turn off users if we can’t use it! As always, I’m dutifully submitting crash reports and even volunteering for further bug triage if necessary. Hopefully there is someone at then end of that line listening.

In summary, stick with 13.04. I wish I did. 🙁