Page breaks and print areas in Excel 2007

Here’s hoping that this post will save someone the frustration I encountered in attempting to alter the print area on a ‘wide’ Excel spreadsheet. I work with a lot of text in Excel 2007 (inventories, etc) and this usually means I end up printing in landscape. However, default print settings can mean that not all the text seen on the spreadsheet will be on the first page of your printout.

After some fiddling around and using the F1 (Help) button, I found instructions for setting my print area and altering the page breaks. First of all, print area is literal and refers to the section that will be printed out. For a more technical definition, go here or Microsoft Excel 2007 help. I have found the the MSFT Excel 2007 Help Online resource to be very helpful.

Here’s a short video I made to describe using the page break preview tool in Excel 2007. My first attempt with the new Camtasia Studio 7 so be gentle. 😛

The video is also up on my BlipTV channel.