Setting Up Ubuntu in Oracle VM VirtualBox

I’m way too enamored of Windows 7 to consider wiping it off and replacing it with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. However, I’d read lots of good things about it and wanted to see/feel the changes firsthand. The next best solution for me was to install Ubuntu in SunOracle’s VirtualBox software. I’ve always found VirtualBox friendly to use, but realize that that might not be the case for everyone. So, I created this long-ish video showing you how to install Ubuntu as a Virtual machine in VirtualBox from a .iso file. Ingredients for doing this:

  1. ~ 1 hour to spare.
  2. Make sure you’ve downloaded the .iso files for the operating system you’d like to test out. Visit DistroWatch for a selection of OSes to pick from.
  3. Install VirtualBox
  4. Watch my video called “32-bit Ubuntu on Oracle VM VirtualBox” on the Jane Talks Tech! channel on BlipTV and on Youtube as well (embedded below).
  5. The same video is up on the Facebook page for Jane Talks Tech! (