Yay! Camtasia Studio 6 has arrived

So, the kind folks at Gottabemobile.com sent a license to Camtasia Studio 6 on its merry way to my inbox and I installed it on my computer without wasting any more time. πŸ™‚ Here are the preliminary results of my amateur video work. My preliminary thoughts on Camtasia Studio 6:

  1. The user interface is much like Windows Movie Maker. I think I was comforted by that although the functions were really different. I struggled with doing things like inserting text and slides (which were a cake walk in Windows Movie Maker) and I’m sure that was mostly a function of me not reading the user manual first. I’m the type of girl to dive into things head first and then, coming up for air later. πŸ™‚
  2. I love the zoom ‘n pan function! lol. From the videos I’ve seen on Youtube from amateurs like me, they all apparently love the zoom ‘n pan function a little too much. I hope I didn’t abuse it tooΒ  much.
  3. Youtube did some horrible things to the file output from Camtasia. It looks much better on Blip.tv. The video below is from blip.tv. Cheers!
  4. I do wish for a better way to manage all the callouts, transitions, etc other than cramming them into the timeline. It would help if I had a bigger LCD screen because then I can , but I suspect I might have to continue my editing in Storyboard mode vs. Timeline.

Why I should win a copy of Camtasia Studio 6

Many thanks to Gottabemobile.com for hosting this contest. I hope my video gets picked although the odds are not very good due to the fact that it’s a random selection. My only regret from this (if I lose) will be that my painstaking video might have been in vain. Nevertheless, I’m glad I took time out to make that short video because it forced me to use the tools I had available to make something that I am proud of. Here’s to more experiments!

Edit: I won the contest. πŸ™‚