The importance of backing up your data & HP’s giveaway

So, despite bragging having several hard drives, I still lost data. Reason: I simply didn’t bother to actually back up the data one I had the necessary tools. I’m sure the fact that it took several hours to perform the backup operation also factored in although that doesn’t seem important in the light of the fact that I’ve lost some precious files. Right now, I’ve got a 320GB Iogear eGo drive, a 500GB Seagate FreeAgent Pro drive and a 250GB Seagate hard drive. The Iogear eGo is portable and goes with me everywhere. It’s currently 75% full and I’m really scared to delete anything from that disk. So, I’m currently in the market for a larger portable drive (preferably Seagate) although the prices are slightly scary. 🙁 Not good.

In any case, if you have been living under a rock, you must not have heard about the HP Magic Giveaway where they’ve given 50 sites each packages worth over $6 000 to give to 50 lucky winners. Now, each site can set their rules where you may or may not keep the entire package. As expected, Gottabemobile, Gear Live, MediaBlab by Jake Ludington and more are part of this group giving stuff away. Visit HP’s giveaway site for more and check out the awesome prize packages!! The 3 linked sites ( and more of the others) have different rules for entering so please read the fine print. 🙂

Whoa!! I just won a copy of Camtasia Studio 6!

Wow. I just won a copy of Camtasia Studio 6 from Gottabemobile. Can I say? Holy s**t again? lol. I never win anything (okay, I should simply say my best attempt at some form of lottery was winning a pair of socks at my husband’s bike race). All I can say is Thank You to Gottabemobile because their site is simply awesome. I visit their site daily because they got awesome editorials & articles there. They have a slew of other promotions going on and it’s just too much!! So please, head over there and loose yourself in their site. 🙂

Companies who do right by customers

Despite my nickname as “Bootleg Jane“, when I find a company that earns my trust, I stick by them i.e. I buy products from there. A case (or two) in point: Amazon and the IDM company that makes UltraEdit. About 2 days ago, I had to reformat my laptop due to a botched driver installation of my new HP Officejet J6480 which is a story for another day, (perhaps today?). Sadly, my last ‘file’ backup was over a month ago while my last computer backup was much more recently. However, for some reason, Microsoft made it so that you could NOT recover individual files from a Windows Image backup file. Really odd. Anyway, my biggest hurt was the thought that I would love about $80 worth of new music files I’d downloaded via Amazon MP3. Their policy is to not offer re-downloads of MP3 albums or songs so I was essentially screwed. Nevertheless, I decided to pay Amazon a call and I spoke with a customer service representative named Deepak. Initially, he gave me the standard company line about being unable to help me because of their policy. I tried begging, but he didn’t budge so I requested to speak to someone else. After being on hold for a couple of minutes, Deepak came back on the line and told me that he’d spoken with a supervisor who agreed to release some of the music files to me as a show of good faith (my words). I was over the moon with joy. 🙂 I was prepared with the list of 3 albums that I absolutely didn’t want to lose and sure enough, the mp3 files were available for download in my Amazon digital library after I got off the phone! In a weird twist, it turns out that I didn’t exactly lose my music files because I had transferred some files to my Palm Treo 750 which I can use as a media player and I pretty much had all my music files! I feel bad for not even checking my computer thoroughly, but it’s really nice to know that Amazon will come through for me especially in a genuine case as mine.

In the case of UltraEdit, my case was rather unorthodox. My license for Ultraedit ran out earlier in the year (around May) and I held off on upgrading. However, I ran Secunia PSI and read about a security advisory concerning UltraEdit. All I saw was the word “malicious attack” and I panicked. So, yesterday, I sent a nice email to UltraEdit asking for a patch to “plug” this “security hole” or whatever-it-was. This morning, I received a reply from UltraEdit’s customer service allaying my fears about the severity of the vulnerability. However, they went a step further by giving me a complimentary upgrade to UltraEdit 14.20!! That was so unexpected and I feel fortunate to have made my bets on such good companies. I forked over ~ $45 for a copy of UltraEdit over a year ago and I would do it again because their product (which I use as a Notepad replacement) is solid and can handle whatever I throw at it. So, without further ado, please visit UltraEdit for the solution that’s right for your situation. It’s worth the price tag, but if you are short on cash, check out Notepad ++ which is the next best thing.