Quick Update: Installation of BitDefender Total Security 2011

This is just a quick video I put together showing the entire installation process of BitDefender Total Security 2011 from start to finish. I’m still using BitDefender Total Security 2011 as my main internet security suite and I am still enthusiastic about the product & the security of my PC. I have to give the team at BitDefender props for being responsive to updates in other software that breaks *their* software.

Case in point: Firefox 3.6.9 was just released and in short order, I was informed by the nifty plugin-checker tool in Firefox, that the BitDefender AntiPhishing toolbar was incompatible with the latest release. Almost immediately, I tweeted to the BitDefender account on Twitter about the issue.

heads up @BitsyBD @bitdefender the bitdefender antiphishing toolbar is incompatible with latest firefox v3.6.9

BitDefender AntiPhishing Toolbar

In less than 2 days, an update was pushed out that rectified the problem!

happy @bitdefender released an update quickly for ff 3.6.9 antiphishing toolbar and outlook antispam issue.

Without further ado, embedded in this post is the video I created (using the excellent Camtasia screencasting software) to show the installation process of BitDefender Total Security 2011. I installed BitDefender Total Security 2011 on my HP TouchSmart 600 and the experience was markedly different (positively) from when I installed it on my notebook! Read my initial impressions of the BitDefender Total Security 2011 software on my site.


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