Experimenting with Ovi Maps Beta

I visited the Beta Labs at Nokia.com and decided to give their latest beta version of Ovi Maps for Symbian ^3 a try. The beta version of Ovi Maps is called version 3.06 10wk48 b01. Confusingly, the latest version (v.3.06 10wk46b01) of Ovi Maps for Symbian ^3 is also version 3.06. There are several differences between the beta version of Ovi Maps and the released version of Ovi Maps is, but the main reasons I decided to give the beta version a shot are these 2 new features which I didn’t receive in the ‘official’ version of Ovi Maps:

  1. Ability to download Maps in-device via WiFi: I can confirm that this feature works as advertised i.e. I downloaded a map of Corsica (don’t ask) to my phone. However, I tried to delete the map and turns out you can’t delete maps yet from the device. Turns out I can’t even delete maps once I’ve downloaded/installed them to my Nokia N8 period because I launched Ovi Suite 2 and my only choice was to delete ALL maps. Anyway, I’ve got 20gbs of space on my phone so I’m not in dire need of extra space yet. The ability to delete maps from the phone would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

    Ovi Maps Release vs Ovi Maps Beta

  2. Compass Calibration: When this is turned on, the map rotates as you turn the phone, but still points North to retain your bearings. ovi-maps-beta-compass.jpg

For more details on some beta features that made it into the official Ovi Maps application, check this post I wrote on Updates to Ovi Maps.

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