The Ovi Store is a hot mess, part three

So, I’m sure you all were on pins and  needles in wanting to find out the end of my Ovi Store issues. Well, to cut a long story short, here’s what happened:

  1. I opened up a dispute with my bank even though I purchased the item using my VISA Debit card. I stress the VISA Debit card part because there is a little bit of a misconception that if you purchase items on the internet without a credit card, you may be SOL (s**t-out-of-luck) with regards to challenging suspicious charges, etc. In my case, I was able to successfully dispute the Ovi Store transaction. My bank’s policy was to place the funds in my account pending their investigation. In less than a week, they concluded their investigation and MY bank ended up refunding my account.
  2. The Ovi Store representatives NEVER called me back even after a supervisor “personally” assured me that my case would receive immediate attention. This issue really bothers me even though I’ve gotten my money back. How can you run a business in this fashion??
  3. For those seeking redress and need their money back from the money-grubbing hands of the Ovi Store, log into your bank’s website and check out the customer service section.
  4. For Wachovia, the link is: I simply sent a secure message via the website about the issue. In fact, they recommend you call to inquire or dispute a transaction. However, you also have the option of sending in a paper form as well. In any case, I’d recommend using a credit card for online purchases anyway over using a debit card that has your actual money in it.

I think I’m about done talking about the Ovi Store. In a nutshell, before you think about buying an app from the Ovi Store, visit Google, Bing or Ask! and search for the application you want. The odds are strongly in favor of that app being available on the developer(s)’s website or on Handango, Handmark, Penreader, etc. You get the picture. Cheers and I welcome any comments. 🙂

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