Setting up Google Sync with your Nokia E71x phone

Because syncing my contacts and calendar with the Nokia PC Suite application was not enough, I decided that I was going to utilize Google Sync to store my contacts and calendar appointments “in the cloud”. After a couple of tries at getting Google Sync to work on my phone by myself, I realized that I should have just googled it or in this case, binged around on the internet. 🙂 So, I did and turns out that you need to enable only Contacts and Calendar sync to avoid the “System Error. Please try again later” message I was always getting. Here’s a brief video showing as proof that yes, Google Sync will work on your Nokia E71x phone!

Now, a word of warning, if your Google account is filled with random email addresses, guess what will happen when you run synchronize your phone’s contacts and calendar with Google? Yes, it fills it up with said random email addresses. Thankfully, I don’t mind wading through my 350-some contacts and removing junk so good luck and happy hacking on your E71x phone! So, before touching your phone, backup your phone’s contacts, calendar, etc. Caveat emptor. As always, you can keep up with my Nokia E71x posts through the tag, Nokia E71x.

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