Dear Yahoo, please free my mail

<rant>Or give me a get-out-of-jail-free card. I’m serious. I don’t really care about integrating my account with Facebook, Flixster or Wixster. I don’t care for the fancy visual changes. How about giving us POP or IMAP access for free? If that’s too much to take, offer POP/IMAP access for less than the current rip-off price of $19.95 per year. I mean, all I use my Yahoo! email for is just that – mail and because Yahoo’s been apparently resistant to freeing up the email pipes, I’ve slowly and surely made other services (Hotmail & Gmail) my primary means of contact. Why? Because I can fire up Outlook and have my mail ready to go. As much as I like using a web browser, checking mail is one of the more annoying tasks I have to undertake because I have quite a few. Note to self: In your next life, find 1 email service and stick with it. </end of rant> Here are some of the ‘changes’:

It doesn’t stand out to me, but I wish them well.

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