Computer woes et al

So, I helped my father-in-law to download & install Logmein free (which comes with an inital free Logmein Pro trial period). He has had a rash of relatively “benign” PC infections, but I had been worried for a long while because his system was essentially a sitting duck for the Big One i.e. some rootkit, password stealer or trojan. He hadn’t run Windows Update in a long while and his antivirus program has long since stopped running due to non-renewal of the license which was free. So, we installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 and got his Antivirus program up & running again. This was on Friday and today (Sunday), our next task is to clean up the computer of programs that he rarely ever uses such as Craplets that come preinstalled on new PCs. Here goes!

Interestingly enough, he hasn’t been the only one having computer problems. I’ve been throwing a bunch of computer programs at my laptop and as expected, some of these programs have issues with the Vista Operating system and even more so with 64-bit systems. I finally had to run the ChkDsk program and sure enough, Windows found some file integrity violations. I ran the System File Checker and there were no corrupt system files. Overall, I think I’m getting better at troubleshooting computer issues.

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