much ado about nothing

I scour Techmeme several times daily and titles like this “30 Seconds to boot up? That’s 29 too many” make me scratch my head. I love innovation just as much as the next person, but can we be realistic about things sometimes? I’m not on the cutting edge mostly because it’s expensive to be “cutting edge.” If you are like me, you will put up with 2 – 5 minute boot up times because you have no choice really (except spend more money on a faster system which you don’t particularly care to because you’re semi-broke). So, I guess my rant isn’t so much about this need for speed among tech writers as it is with the obvious trade-offs that come with the latest & greatest technology. People can’t afford this shit. Seriously. In my weird way, I’ll relate this to the age-old debate: PC vs. Mac. I shop at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy etc and they know their market. I fall within the 20 – 30 demographic and I’m a fairly normal adult. So, I can safely say that if I’m even slightly representative of this demographic, then I rest my case in saying that  unlike breathless enthusiasts, people don’t like expensive. Unless their employer is paying for it. 🙂