Jane Ullah

I am a consumer, amateur photographer and tech. enthusiast who likes things to work out of box (OOB), but can troubleshoot when they don’t. This blog was started as a labor of love and I started it primarily to educate my readers who seek plain Jane answers to common or uncommon problems with technology used in their day-to-day lives.  That and my husband was quite tired of reading about “tech-y” stuff on my now-defunct personal blog. 🙂 I like reading about new technology and learning about the old ones. Mostly, a lot of my learning comes from trial and error. I would love to get some training at some point in computer science & programming (see below).

My educational background is as follows: B.Sc. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. So, take any advice I give here with a pint of healthy skepticism because I have no formal training in Computer Science. I only speak from my own experience(s) and I understand that there are just as many clueless people out there who can benefit from plain ole’ English. That said, I’m always eager to learn new things and the latest bee in my bonnet is trying to learn a programming language, getting a formal CS education (:D) and photography.

Support my geeky inclinations/ramblings by donating or simply trying out Dreamhost or buying a gizmo from my Amazon wishlist. 🙂 The views expressed on this blog do not reflect the views of my employer(s). In line with the recent FTC disclosures required, I currently haven’t received ‘mad scrilla‘ for any posts on Janetalkstech.com but I’m completely open to sponsorships, etc. Per Google’s Adsense policy, I’ve cribbed a boilerplate privacy policy and disclaimer/disclosure policy.

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