Yet more recommended apps for the Nokia E71x

As a follow-up to my series of posts about software for the Nokia E71x phone, I’m going to list a couple more applications that I am actively using on my phone.

1) Qik :- is a service that allows you to stream live over the internet. Wherever you are, just fire up the Qik application (once you have an free account with them) and you will be broadcasting live over the internet! My url is and you can check their site to see if they have an app for your phone!

2) Google Mobile Applications :- Google pretty much has mobile versions of their web page, but they also have downloadable mobile applications for a lot of their web applications. Most recently, they have released a Google Voice application for Android and Blackberry devices. However, I have downloaded the Gmail and Google Maps applications for my Symbian phone. Visit and browse the applications for anything that catches your fancy. Best thing about Google’s applications is the zero price you pay. Win-win, IMHO.

3) Merriam Webster :- I purchased a license for a Merriam Webster dictionary application from (or on your mobile device) and I did this because I have a lust for words and like learning new things daily! Seriously. I’m subscribed to the Word of the Day email lists for both and Merriam-Webster so getting the dictionary application was a worthwhile investment, especially since a lot of the free eBooks I’ve downloaded contain highfalutin’ words. 🙂

PS: On a girly note, I’m willing to try out Skinny Jeans for once. 🙂

PPS: Please see my previous Nokia E71x posts on more recommended applications for your new Symbian S60 device and on tweaking the Nokia E71x phone.

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