First impressions with my Seagate FreeAgent GO 500GB drive

I’m really excited to have received this gift from Seagate because I’ve moaned to all who would listen that I needed an external hard drive. Last year, I entered a promotion (sponsored by Seagate) on (which is run by Xavier Lanier) and in March, I received some correspondence about possibly providing some anecdotes on my storage issues. I participated in the case study primarily because I was tickled at being picked to provide notes on my experience. The icing on the cake was being told that I might be provided with a free storage solution from Seagate after/during the case study. I didn’t have my heart set on receiving anything because I was very impressed that Seagate seemed genuinely interested in learning about my habits and what made me/users tick with regards to our backup habits.

Fast forward to today, I am now in possession of a ruby red Seagate FreeAgent GO portable drive (500GB). My first impressions are:

  1. Pinch me for I suspect I’m asleep. 🙂 Seriously, this item is easily worth $130 and I have it for free now.
  2. It is lighter and not as bulky as my Iomega GO portable hard drive (which is only 320GB and cost $100). I was nuts over my Iomega hard drive’s sleek look, but Seagate has made the Iomega portable hard drive look ancient.
  3. It comes with free software that should make backing up easier. It’s called Seagate Manager and right now, I’ve already run into a little snag.

    Seagate Manager error

  4. That error occurred as a result of an update to the Seagate Manager that was downloaded automatically. That is not a good start, but I will scour the website for the correct update for my 64-bit computer.

That is all for now. A review of this drive will follow as soon as I’m able to whip one up. 🙂 Cheers!

Update: Pics of the newest addition to my hard drive family. 😛

treo pics 010 treo pics 011 treo pics 009 treo pics 008 treo pics 007

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